Here at On the Scene we are dedicated to make your event the best they can be.  For us no job is too small, or too big. No matter what you need we can arrange this for you with our endless service providers. 

We believe that where possible you should use local and that stands for all that we do. Where we can we will use local contractors to Leicestershire. Please see below what we can arrange for you. Our team will dedicate themselves to your event needs and will be selected based on their specialist areas. 

Venues                                                                                      musicians                                             Charity support

First Aid Medical Cover with Ambulance             Comedians                                           Advertising Distributions 

Funfairs                                                                                    Auditing                                                DJ's

Stages Indoors and Outdoors                                     Compares                                             Female Impersonators 

PA systems                                                                             Transportation 

Room Decor                                                                           Bands 

Security and Stewarding                                              Site Planning 

Catering of all types                                                        Marketing for events 

Marques                                                                                  Press and media 

Shopping Villages                                                            Design and Print for Branding 


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